I constantly have to give certain clients and friends the side eye because of the excuse, “I can’t workout today because I just got my hair done.” Yes, it’s true many women around the world do not workout because of hair. So, your telling me that you are allowing dead cells , yes that’s what hair is made of, prevent you from fighting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and feeling better about yourself. Please stop letting something so superficial prevent you from taking care of the only thing that is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

I personally wear extensions, weaves, and all other types of artificial hairstyles because I would personally rather wash and go than to worry about trying to make sure my hair is flat ironed straight, curled, or bumped after my daily workouts sometimes 2 a days.

So, I ask you today is your hair worth your health? I had one friend put it like this, ” Does anybody really care how your hair looks when that roll is coming out of your jeans,” harsh?, but true.

7 ways to style your hair to prevent it from interfering with your health.

  • Individual Braids
  • Afro, although previously working in a very professional environment I am fully aware that this is not accepted by all professions. How many news reporters do you see with a Afro or natural hairstyle? Style for where you want to go in life.
  • Weave, extensions. My best friend and I both agree that washing and styling a weave is much easier than having to worry about your own hair sometimes.
  • Wearing longer hairstyles, I have had a pixie cut before and although I could wash it and slick it down after the gym, it did look much better when it was curled. The problem is with short hair is as soon as the sweat hits it, your curls are dead. Curling your hair(applying heat) everyday can do lots of damage. (I am also a licensed TX Cosmetologist)
  • Ponytail, after the gym sometimes it’s okay to wash your hair and pull it up into a ponytail. Ponytails are much easier to pull off when your hair is longer.
  • Head Wraps, Certain Jobs allow head wraps, try that for something different.
  • Wash and Go styles,  You don’t always have to wear your hair flat ironed straight, try a wash and go style instead.

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The I can’t workout because of my hair excuse was just cancelled out. Please, please stop letting your hair prevent you from taking care of your health this year and in the future. This year I want you to wear a style that is not going to prevent you from working out. Ask your guy friend today and guys I’m asking you would you rather your girl wear a weave or just stop working out? Stop complaining about your lady wearing  weaves they serve other purposes as well.


It’s Your Body Never Give Up

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