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I am always looking for healthy products or the next new health craze and if you are like me you have seen coconut water everywhere. So, today I am here to do a personal review for you. I’m telling you what it is, how it tastes, and if it is really as beneficial for your body as several people are making it out to be.

What is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts (fruits of the coconut palm).Coconut water is not just water with coconut flavor added. It should not be confused with coconut milk, which is an emulsion of coconut water and fresh grated coconut. Coconut water can be thought of as a type of juice.


How Does Coconut Water taste?

I have tried two different coconut water brands including the Naked version with pineapple juice added above and I disliked the taste. It almost tastes as if it was dirty, not that I have tasted dirt before, but if dirt had a taste I would describe it as coconut water. Although, I did not like the taste that did not make me cancel it out completely because many times I will drink/eat a product or item of food because the health benefits out way the taste. So, the question is does the health benefits out way the taste? Also, just because I don’t like the way it taste, doesn’t mean you won’t, so you should give it a try.


Benefits of Coconut Water

  • There are some health benefits to consuming coconut water. It’s an all-natural way to hydrate, reduce sodium, and add potassium to diets Most Americans don’t get enough potassium in their diets because they don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables, or dairy, so coconut water can help fill in the nutritional gaps.
  • A 2007 study shows coconut water enhanced with sodium was as good as drinking a commercial sports drink for post-exercise rehydration with better fluid tolerance. Another study reported that coconut water caused less nausea, fullness, and stomach upset and was easier to consume in large amounts during rehydration.
  • Coconut water is said to have less sugar than many sports drinks and a lot  less sugar than sodas and some fruit juices. Plain coconut water could be a better choice for adults and kids looking for a beverage that is less sweet. But don’t overdo it, says Lillian Cheung, DSc, RD, of Harvard School of Public Health. “One 11-ounce container has 60 calories and if you drink several in one day, the calories can add up quickly,” Cheung says.
  • Coconut water may be better at replacing lost fluids than a sports drink or water — as long as you enjoy the taste. A study recently published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that coconut water replenishes body fluids as well as a sports drink and better than water but the athletes preferred the taste of the sports drinks.
  • Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD and author of Nancy Clarks Sports Nutrition Guidebook says coconut water won’t rehydrate the body unless you can drink plenty of it. If you enjoy the taste and can tolerate large amounts, it could help keep you hydrated.


Do you need coconut water?, Does it live up to it’s Hype:

  • At this time no scientific literature supports the hype that coconut water helps with the diseases that many companies claims it helps with. Coconut water is said to be fine for recreational athletes, but so is plain water . In general most adults are said to not exercise strenous enough to need sports drinks or coconut water. Just good ole water is perfect for the average person.

If you enjoy the taste and your budget allows for this pricey water, coconut water is a nutritious and relatively low-calorie way to add potassium to your diet and keep you well-hydrated. However, there are several other ways to get potassium as well, so I say don’t add the extra calories if you don’t need to.



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