It’s common knowledge that three to five serving of fruits and vegetables are recommended every day. So, you have a salad for lunch and make a side for dinner, but what about breakfast? If you’re someone who only eats three times a day, it’s nearly impossible to get the suggested servings throughout your day. Furthermore, breakfasts, more often than not, are sweet and carb dense. Instead of loading up on sugar and carbs which will inevitably lead to a crash in energy early in the day, fuel your mind and body with these delicious, nutrient-dense, veggie-filled options to stay full and satisfied until lunch.

1. Smoothies

If you’re not a huge fan of vegetables, you can hide them in a fruit-filled smoothie. Simply grab a handful of greens and add them to your fruits, liquids, and proteins, and blend away! You’ll get all the benefits of vegetables, but all you’ll taste is the sweetness of the fruit.

*Adding in healthy fats and fiber such as chia seed, nuts, or a nut butter will help keep you fuller longer*

2. Eggs

Omelets, frittatas, and egg bakes are classic ways to sneak in veggies. Add vegetables such as spinach, vegetables, onions, peppers, to your egg meals to increase the volume and add micronutrients to your mornings. You can always add in meats and cheese to further mask the flavor, but you might just find yourself enjoying the flavor or roasted, steamed, or sautéed veggies.

3. Shredded Vegetables

Zucchini and cauliflower are great options to shred up for morning meals. Add them to a potato hash or throw them in a bowl of oats to add volume and increase your meal’s fillingness while masking the taste of the vegetables.

4. Rice or Quinoa Bowls

Start with a grain base, add vegetables, and top them with eggs to hide the taste. This meal is full of healthy carbs, fats, protein, and fiber and is guaranteed to keep you full, focused, and satisfied.

5. Savory Oats

Similar to rice bowls, savory oatmeal starts with a starch base and is elevated with