In the realm of health and fitness, protein powder is an inescapable item. Ads , announcements, brands, and flavors bombard you from all angles and for a good reason. Pound for pound it is cheaper than buying meat. It is made to fit all dietary preferences from vegan to vegetarian. It is quick, easy, and delicious. However, if you do incorporate protein powder into your diet, the standard shake can become very old very quickly, but don’t fear! Listed below are X delicious, non-conventional ways to help you reach your protein goals.

1. Oatmeal

Spice up your morning oats and make them more filling and fluffy by mixing in your favorite protein powders. This can save you a lot of unnecessary added ingredients, sugar, and chemicals. Plus, it tastes great! What better way to start your day than  with a delicious bowl of healthy carbs, quality protein, and fiber?

2. Pancakes/Waffles

Who doesn’t love pancakes and waffles? Oh yeah, nobody. However, what we don’t always love are all the calories and fat that often come along with it. However, protein powder can be combined with water and made just like a normal pancake or waffle to satisfy your cravings without blowing your diet. Depending on your preferences you can also add a milk of your choice, egg white, or eggs. Then, get crazy with the toppings!

*Protein powder can also be made into an icing to top your meal with double the protein, half the calories, and all the flavor of traditional icings.

3. Coffee

Nothing says good morning like caffeine and protein. Start your day on the right foot by forgoing calorie dense creamers and sugar and instead, add in your favorite protein for a creamy coffee without the guilt.

*Throw it in a blender bottle, and give it a good shape for a great foamy texture.

4. Protein “Ice Cream”

Throw protein in a blender with milk (any  kind works) and ice, and you’re on your way to a delicious treat. Add in bananas or Xanthan gum (be careful with this one as it is known to cause bloating) for extra fluff and a better consistency.

5. Baking

Honestly, protein powder can be added to just about anything, and it always tastes delicious! There are thousands of recipes for “protein” desserts. All you need to do is hop on the Internet or get creative on your own.