As a personal trainer I am constantly hearing negatives about building lean muscle. Things like, “I don’t want to get big and bulky.” Questions such as, ” Will I look like a man?” Statements such as, ” I don’t want to gain weight.” Saying you don’t want to build lean muscle is like saying I’m okay with looking flabby, I’m okay with cellulite, I’m okay with being more prone to osteoporosis. Building lean muscle will not only make you look so much more leaner, but you will lose inches, burn more calories, be stronger, and fit your clothes so much better.


The Importance of Building Lean Muscle 

  1. Muscle helps increase your resting metabolic rate or your metabolism which helps you burn more calories during day.
  3. The more muscle you have the more fat you will burn
  4.  Muscle is part of your BMR or what is called your Basal Metabolic Rate. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn per day. On average the person burns about 50 calories per pound of muscle. This is how muscle can help you lose weight by putting on muscle. Now don’t be scared by this since muscle takes up less space than fat does. So you can still weigh the same but look skinnier if you lost 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle. So, bottom line muscle is one part of what keeps you slim addition to that, going to the gym and doing resistance training (lifting weights) will burn calories and help you to lose fat and stay slim.
  5. Muscle increases bone density preventing osteoporosis that so many women are prone to getting as we age.
  6. Muscle makes you lose inches, keeps you looking tone and lean.
  7. Building lean muscle can help increase your endurance for a marathon or even a 5K
  8. Building lean muscle in your back can help to keep the spine in place and can at times make back pain go away


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