At this point in the year, winter seems as if it will never end. People everywhere are working on their summer bodies, desperate for an escape from the cold, and with Spring Break on the way their wishes may soon become a reality. However, what do you do when you finally manage to get away but don’t want to ruin all the progress you’ve made towards that summer body? After all, the summer months and truly warm weather are still months away.

Don’t fear! You can enjoy yourself on vacation AND continue to progress towards your goals. All you have to do is follow these guidelines!

1. Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re on a plane, in the car, or laying on a beach, hydration is key. Among its countless benefits, it will keep your hunger cues in check. Fill up a jug, pack individual drinks, or plan on refilling a bottle, and sip on it all day.

2. Bring Snacks

Often, vacations mean inconsistent meal timings, sporadic traveling, and little access to healthy snacks. Don’t be caught hangry and unprepared which may result in your making a bad choice! Instead, make sure to pack plenty of healthy, wholesome snacks you love to keep you full and satisfied when hunger strikes!

*Try: Single-Serving Nuts, Dried or Fresh Fruit, Protein Bars, or Jerky

3. Eat Smart

At some point, you will more than likely find yourself at a buffet or restaurant. While eating out is commonly associated with high calories and fat, it doesn’t have to ruin your progress. Opt for lean cuts of meat, ask for veggies cooked steamed (without oils or butter), and opt for fresh fruit at the buffets. Keep portion sizes in check, choose filling, whole grains, and don’t over-indulge in calorie-filled drinks! Eating out doesn’t have to be complicated! Order foods you love, but make appropriate adjustments with your goals in mind, and you’ll get the best of both worlds!

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4. Exercise

Exercise when, how, and if you can. Explore your hotel’s gym, hike surrounding mountains, do an impromptu at-home workout, or simply make sure to explore the area, getting in lots of steps. There are plenty of ways to stay active. So, escape the monotony of your routine, do what you can, and enjoy the change of scene!

5. Relax

Vacations should be just that…VACATIONS. Follow the steps above, eat healthy, stay active, and don’t stress! Focus on friends, family, and experience. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and eat that dessert if you want it. However, be mindful, stop when you’re full, and be okay with saying no. Be honest with yourself, your wants, and your needs. Your routine will be there for you when you return, and a few days won’t ruin your progress. I promise. However, you might just surprise yourself and actually make progress while vacationing! The choice is up to you and your actions.

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