Rollerblading burns tons of calories, it might look easy, but give it a try and you will quickly learn how challenging this sport can be. The amount of cardio present in a rollerblading workout is most commonly compared to running. Just 15 minutes burns 162 calories, while a full hour burns nearly 650 calories!

What can rollerblading do to your lower body:

  • The natural side-to-side motion your legs get from inline skating is ideal for trimming the thighs
  • Strengthens your quads
  • Lifts your glutes
  • It also is considered more low impact on your joints than many other cardio activities

As if you needed more reasons why Why Rollerblading is Making a Comeback, here are two more reasons why we are bringing rollerblading back.

From an amazing blogger:

Why Rollerblading is Making a Comeback? It improves coordination: Rollerblading takes a bit of practice in the beginning, but it improves flexibility and coordination tenfold. The activity forces you to even out your balance and find your center of gravity. Just like a consistent yoga practice, you’ll find that continued inline skating will get you more graceful during your everyday activities.

It clears your head: The swift and repetitive action of skating helps you stay present and gives your brain reprieve from constant noise. If you’re skating in a quiet park, some music can help you get into the groove, but if you’re out on the street, don’t listen to loud music. Don’t get so caught up that you’re unaware of oncoming traffic.

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