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“Abs are made in the kitchen.” This quote is common within the fitness community for a good reason. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, gain some muscle, or totally transform, nutrition is key. However, in today’s busy world it’s easy to fall of track. Before you know it that one fast food meal turns in to three, it’s been a month since you went to the gym, and you’re nowhere close to reaching your goals. Meal prepping your food is a great way to save time and stay on track, but where do you begin?


Decide how many meals you’re going to make for the week. Do you need breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready to go, or is it more logical just to make a large batch of meat or carbs such as potatoes. Be honest with yourself, and don’t prepare food you don’t need and won’t eat.


Decide what meals you want. Search the internet, look through cookbooks, or use your own favorite recipes. There are tons of sources available to help you create delicious meals you’ll love. Think breakfast sandwiches, egg muffins, rice bowls, and vegetables. The key is to choose foods you love that will last all week. Prep only what will last and through in perishable ingredients such as lettuce either the day of or night before you’re consuming the meal.


Make a grocery list. Now that you know what recipes you’ll be making, it’s easy to create a grocery list. Sticking to your list ensures that you buy only what you need and nothing else. Then, you won’t have any option but to stay on track!


Allot time in your schedule to cook. Meal prep should only take an hour or two. Prioritize the task, cook your food, and distribute it into storage containers for the week, and that’s it! You’ll have all your meals ready to go with no extra cooking time needed.

Fifth and Final

Relax! Yes, meal prepping is a great way to save money and be on track, but life happens! If events occur, and you find yourself pulled away from your meals, be smart, pick healthy options, and don’t stress! One unplanned meal doesn’t mean you have to completely stray from your goals and ruin your progress. Enjoy your time, and get back to your routine!