One of the top complaints I hear from new clients who have lost weight in the past is that they have also lost their butt. I’ve also heard women say on numerous occasions that they don’t do cardio any longer because they are afraid to lose the little butt that they have. So, I’ve been asked can you lose weight without losing your butt?

Just like every part of your body your butt and legs are also filled with tons of muscles and in order to keep them looking perky you have to build the muscle in your glutes or butt, as well as your hamstrings inorder to keep it there as you lose weight. Building muscle takes time and this is where I see most people give up. You have to consistently work all three muscle in your glutes (gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus, and gluteus medius) at minimum once a week and never two days back to back to see growth. In fact if you are working the muscles like they should be worked you should be to sore to work them two days in a row. Your muscles need time to rest and recover to build back up bigger and stronger, hence the rest day between. The following is my (fit with curves) top ten booty building exercises as of right now; you must try them and tell me what you think.big butt workouts

Top Things to Remember About Muscles.

  1. Muscles tear when broken down after a strenuous training session which is the reason why you are sore for the next couple of days if not more. They need time to repair themselves and build back stronger and that is why you never want to train the same muscle normally more than twice a week and never two days in a row.
  2. Muscle helps increase your resting metabolic rate or your metabolism which helps you burn more calories during day.
  3. Muscle increases bone density preventing osteoporosis that so many women are prone to getting as we age.
  4. Muscle makes you lose inches, keeps you looking tone and lean.
  5. Per most ladies one of the most important is that muscle helps you keep your butt round and perky as you lose weight:-)

How to Keep Your Butt Round and Shapely

Fit with Curves TOP TEN Booty Building, lifting, and shaping exercises (videos and pictures to come so stay tuned.

  1. Squats/Hack Squats
  2. Cable abductors
  3. Weighted Donkey Kicks (love them on the smith machine)
  4. Good Mornings
  5. Straight leg dead lifts
  6. Reverse Squats( picture to come)
  7. Cable Glute Extensions
  8. Lunges with a Glute Extension
  9. Hip Thrusts
  10. Walking with wide strides at a huge inclinefit with curves, murves, houstonpersonaltrainer

Try my current top ten go to booty and hamstring building exercises and let me know what you think. Remember it is possible to keep your butt round and shapely, but you have to work for it. Videos and much more are coming in the near future.

Time to Get Fit With Curves.