It’s no secret that being on a diet, or trying to lose weight involves eating less food and often feeling a certain level of hunger. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can easily eat the same amounts of food while consuming less calories, staying full, and crushing your goals, and you can start with breakfast!

Oatmeal is a great breakfast as it contains healthy carbohydrates and fiber. However, if you find yourself reducing your calories, you may see your morning bowl of oats quickly shrinking. Here’s how to keep your bowl (and belly) full:

1. Add Egg WhitesImage result for egg whites

Adding egg whites to your oatmeal will create thickness and volume, making it seem like you’re eating more than you truly are. Plus, egg whites are a great source of protein that will help keep you full and your muscles strong.

3. Add Greek Yogurt

This works the same as the egg whites in that the yogurt causes the meal to expand as it heats. Greek yogurt is also another great protein source. However, keep in mind that yogurt has a few carbs, and adjust portion sizes to fit your goals.

*Pro Tip: Add just a pinch (not too much or you’ll taste it!) of baking soda to your oats, and be amazed at how much they expand as it reacts with the yogurt.

Image result for zucchini grated royalty free image2. Add Zucchini

You don’t taste it. I promise. Grate zucchini into your oats for added fluff, fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. You’ll be one step closer to getting your daily dose of vegetables, but all you’ll taste is your delicious oatmeal.