One of my frequently asked questions in a society that believes that you have to be skinny or a size 0 to 4 to be healthy/fit is, “How did you grow to love your curves.” What I always try to reiterate is curves does not mean unhealthy, obese, being prone to high blood pressure, prone to diabetes and many other diseases. You can be curvy and extremely healthy/fit. Fit With Curves is a woman who might have a little more hips, breast or butt than what society might assume is healthy, but is healthy from the inside and out. I 12106960_10153279593794624_80164970141546105_nbecame comfortable with my curves in 2012 when I competed in my first fitness competition and realized that they were not going anywhere eventhough I lost 50lbs and got down to 125lbs. I then realized that my curves are me, they are my genetics, they are what makes my body, my body and can’t change that.  Having Curves does not mean being morbidly obese and unhealthy. Having Curves does mean that you can runa marathon if you want to, you have amazing blood work results ( great cholesterol levels, vitamin levels, healthy blood pressure, organ function and so forth), be strong and in shape.

7 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Curves as Long as They are Fit and Healthy

  1. They are your genetics you can’t change your bone structure.
  2. They are what makes your body unique.
  3. Your jeans don’t always love them, but you look amazing in a pencil skirt or dress.
  4. People are paying to get what you just have to workout to keep toned and in shape.
  5. That extra cushion on a hard chair is always helpful:-)
  6. You normally hold your body fat in your legs and butt which means your less prone to having visceral fat that can cause heart disease and other diseases.
  7. Celebrities like Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez and so many others should show you that you can be extremely fit yet still curvy and gorgeous.

tatiana scottThis was specifically a question I was asked about my curves;however you should love your body no matter what body type you have. We were each uniquely made and it’s important to be the best version of you, not of someone else.

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