Hill workouts  use all major muscles in your legs, thighs, and butt maximizing your calorie burn. Running and doing workouts on a hill also requires you to activate your core, arms, and calves much different than performing workouts on a flat surface. If your goal is burning fat try incorporating a hill workout into your routine once a week. The following is one of my favorite hill workouts. Try it and let me know what you think. You might not thank me while your performing it but your lean, toned, new body will thank me later.

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Fit With Curves Fat Burning Wednesday Hill Workout:

  1. Front lunges up and walk down hill (make sure knees stay behind toes at all times)
  2. Sprint up and down hill
  3. rest 60 seconds
  4. Side shuffles up and down hill
  5. Sprint up and down hill
  6. rest 60 seconds
  7. Walking lunges with Glute Kickback up hill and walk down.
  8. Sprint up and down hill
  9. rest 60 seconds
  10. Wide strides up hill and small slow strides down hill
  11. Sprint up and down hill
  12. rest 60 seconds
  13. walking push ups up hill and walk down
  14. Sprint up and down hill
  15. Front lunges up and walk down hill

Always remember that it’s extremely important to switch up your workout to prevent plateau’s and a hill workout is a great way to do it. Go find a hill and get to work!!

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