You know by now that you should be in-taking 6-7 meals a day to make sure that your metabolism is constantly burning fat, so that you can reach your fitness goals. To help you achieve this I want you to remember PPE- Plan, Prepare, and Execute. Without a plan in place how can you ever expect to succeed. Today I am giving you several tips on how to make your 6-7 meals a day a little easier for you.


Exercise Planner Template:


Meal Planner Template: 




How to Plan

  • Create a weekly meal plan for yourself so you know what each of your 6-7 meals are going to consist of for Sunday through Saturday.
  • Purchase a food scale so that you can measure your foods to ensure that you are in-taking the correct amount of calories. Bed, Bath and Beyond has several affordable ones.
  • Check your refridgerator, freezer, and pantry to ensure that all the foods on your plan are at your disposal.
  •  If the meals are not at your disposal, prepare a grocery shopping list of the foods that you are going to need for the week and make sure you adhere to that List when you are grocery shopping.
  • Water, water and more water I like to purchase gallon water jugs so that I can assure that I am taking in more than enough water to flush toxins and fat. It helps me to gauge and make sure that I have finished a gallon a day, does the average person need this much water?, no, but does it hurt?, no. I start drinking from the morning to the evening. Water also helps you feel full longer and can help prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks and meals.

How to Prepare

  • Set aside at least 2 days of the week that you are going to cook, and prep all your foods. For example. Sunday, prepare foods for Monday-Wednesday and Wednesday, Prepare food for Thursday- Sunday.
  • Put every single meal in a separate container and place them all in the refrigerator. For Example, 2 boiled eggs(which your only eating the whites), 6 strawberries and 12 almonds should be in one container for your mid morning snack.
  • Use a handy 6 pack bag which you can purchase from to put all your containers in for the following day. This bag is amazing and will allow you to also carry supplements and vitamins in just one convenient pack.


Plan Prepare Execute

How to Execute.

  • Just like hopefully you remember to wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning, also remember to take the sixpackbag out of the refrigerator and bring it with you. This is like  your purse ladies, or your wallet(man bag):-) for men, do not leave home without it.
  • If you have to, set a timer on your phone to go off every 2 to 3 hours so you know when its time to eat. What’s so amazing is that once your body gets used to eating every 2 to 3 hours it will begin to automatically burn off the food it ate 2 to 3 hours ago because it knows it’s about to eat again and your hunger will be your timer.

Always Remember PPE-Plan, Prepare, and Execute.

It’s your body, never give up

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It’s Your Body Never Give Up