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You always want to consult with a physician prior to working out while pregnant. The general rule is if you were working out prior to becoming pregnant you can workout during pregnancy at a lower intensity. As a certified personal trainer with a degree in body mechanics I have trained several women who were in the stages of pregnancy planning as well as women who are currently pregnant. Working out while pregnant has tons of benefits for not only while pregnant, but also during labor. It’s important to start doing some form of exercise while you and your significant other are working on conceiving as well. Maintaining a healthy weight and body fat percentage while trying to conceive can make it that much easier for your new bundle of joy to happen.


working out while pregnant

working out while pregnant





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8 Reasons Why It’s Important to Continue Your Exercise Routine During Pregnancy 

  1. Exercising in general helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level preventing diabetes. During pregnancy this also helps with preventing the onset of what they call pregnancy diabetes or (gestational diabetes)
  2. Performing certain exercises while pregnant can help prevent lower back pain as well as hip pain that can happen during pregnancy because of the extra weight that your body is not used to carrying. Exercises such as cable rows and modified bridges.
  3. Exercising while pregnant can help reduce your chance for high blood pressure.( A stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort. If your heart can work less to pump, the force of your arteries also decreases lowering your blood pressure)working out while pregnant
  4. Prevent Diastasis, exercises such as core training and pelvic tilts can prevent the separation of parts of the body that are normally joined together, such as the separation of certain abdominal muscles during pregnancy. They can also make it easier for you to push during delivery. Having a strong pelvic floor, abdomen, and back can make labor easier. I’m sure we all want that ladies, right?
  5. Cardiovascular exercises, such as a light jog if you were running before conceiving or walking can help release good endorphins in your blood stream relieving stress and making mommy happy. 30 minutes 4-5 times a week is recommended
  6. Improvement in posture, lifting light weights 2- 3 times a week can help strengthen your muscles improving posture and helping you walk around with the extra bundle of joy you are now carrying.
  7. Better sleep, exercise can also help you sleep better. (Exercise triggers an increase in body temperature, and the post-exercise drop in temperature may promote falling asleep)
  8. Snap back, yep ladies exercise while pregnant can help you snap back into your pre-baby body faster. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be, which makes it easier for you to burn calories after along with breast feeding of course.

Remember that carrying a baby is such a blessing and you want the process to be joyful. Listen to your body and make sure that all exercises that you are performing are comfortable for mommy and baby.

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