As a black woman I know that we take our hair serious. Our beautiful coils come in all textures and curl patterns. Whether we choose to wear it relaxed or in it’s natural state it requires more time to style it and keep it styled. We wear a scarf to bed to keep our coils moisturized and to prevent us from spending extra time in the morning styling it. I know how it feels to complete a strenuous workout and to sweat out your 60 to 100 dollar wash and style. However, as a personal trainer I am here to tell you that you can have both. You can have your hairstyle as well as better quality of life through daily exercise.

5 Ways To Keep Your Coils and Relaxed Hair Protected During Your Workouts


  1. Never be a afraid to wear a satin scarf  to the gym. Dry hair can cause damage and weaken the hair follicle, making it more susceptible to breakage, and giving it a look that lacks luster. Have multiple satin scarves available to wear during your gym workouts and if you just hate the look wear a hat over it.
  2. For my girls who rock their natural curls a wash and go is perfect for my gym girls. I swear by the LOC method. Which if you don’t know let me put you on game. It’s leave in conditioner, Oils and Curl defining Cream. I use “As I am” leave in conditioner, grapeseed oil for my oil and “As I am” Curl defining cream. Separate your curls using your “Denman” brush and you have the perfect wash and go for the gym.
  3. Sisterlocks, faux-locs, corn-rows, box braids and all the other protective styles are always a good idea to keep your hair protected, so your workouts don’t suffer. Remember to condition your scalp, wear your satin scarf at night and don’t leave them in long.
  4. Schedule your hair appointment for Friday or Saturday after your morning workouts, so that it stays fresh for your weekend plans until you hit it hard again on Monday.
  5. Twist-outs, Braid-outs, and all types of rollers are also a great way to ensure that your hair is on point after your workouts. Tie a satin scarf around your style and un-do it after your workout.

Obesity and heart disease is the number one killer of black women. Don’t ever allow your hair to get in the way of your quality of life. That scarf on your head looks better than hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, and tons of medication. Love your health more than your hair.

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