Have you ever found yourself on a diet, only to be tempted by junk food? Everywhere we turn, there are fast food places on every corner. At work gatherings, there are sweets and calorie-dense food that are not good for you. Before you take a bite out of that junk food, here are five tips to help you overcome those cravings.

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  1. Find a Healthy Alternative

    If you are craving sweets, why not eat some fruit? Grapes, strawberries, and pineapples to name a few, are very sweet and have fewer calories.

  2. Think of Long Term Effects

    Have you ever succumbed to the temptations of your cravings, only to feel regret and remorse? That doesn’t even cover the physical effects you may feel. Bloated, fatigue, indigestion…need I say more? The long-term physical and emotional effects of eating junk is not worth the few minutes of satisfaction you get while eating it.

  3. Drink Water

    Water is the best drink. It helps with bowel movements, it can eliminate headaches, and it can help with healthier skin and hair. And the best part is, it is zero calories! When you see that food you want to eat but know that you shouldn’t, just drink a glass of water.

  4. Chew Sugar Free Gum

    Chewing gum can give you the sensation of eating, without actually eating. Before going to a social gathering whe

    re you know you will be tempted to eat poorly, just chew some gum. If anyone offers you any food, just tell them you have gum in your mouth and turn the food down.

  5. Determine the Root of Your Cravings

    Sometimes people use food to mask their true feelings. We don’t like to feel “uncomfortable”, so when feelings of anxiety, nervousness, or fear creep up on us, we sometimes turn to food. Instead of eating, determine what it is that is making you crave this food and deal with the root of the problem, rather than trying to ignore it with food.

I hope that the next time you are tempted, you can use some of these tactics to overcome those cravings. Just remember that each time you say “no”, it gets easier and easier. Are there any other remedies you use to beat junk food cravings that are not mentioned here? If so, leave us a comment!