You’re single and loving it, or maybe not. You’re going out with your girls, sitting on the couch watching TV, going on trips, working longer hours, and going out on dates with “potentials”.  Many of my girls lose weight when single and many gain weight while single. Whether you’re single or not, of course it is always best to maintain a healthy weight. Remember that being healthy is a huge part of self-care, so whether you care about meeting a man or not it’s important to look/feel good for yourself.

single and exercise, exercising while single,5 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight As a Single Woman

1. Do Cardio and Lift Weights

Cardiovascular exercises and lifting weights are a huge part of maintaining a healthy weight. Cardiovascular exercises keep your heart strong, healthy, and they help you burn calories. Lifting weights help you build lean muscle among other benefits. This in-turn speeds up your metabolism making it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Choose healthy restaurants and check the menu prior to arriving

When going out with your girls or on a date with your new boo (speaking that into existence) it’s important to choose healthy restaurants; or at least restaurants with healthier options. Dating can be a process and you might go on dates a couple of times a week with new contenders. Those calories can add up really fast if you are not careful, so it’s important that you make healthy choices. Try meeting up for tea instead, going to the gym, or making it an active date such as a well lit park for a walk. Choose healthier drink options such as a vodka tonic or even water.

3. Meal Prep

As a single woman now is the time to get used to meal prep and cooking because it’s much easier when your only cooking for one. Meal prep is key to eating healthy consistently. Anytime you have something healthy at your fingertips it is much easier to choose that than a slice of pizza. You can also try a pick up and go meal prep company such as bee fit foods

4. Don’t Buy Unhealthy Snacks

You might sit down, relax and watch television after a long days work and it’s super easy to eat a whole bag of popcorn or chips without even noticing. It’s best to not buy them at all, so that you don’t have them in the house to get tempted by. Will power and self control is so much easier when it’s not easily accessible.

5. Join A Cycling Class, Zumba Class, Hip Hop Dance

They are fun way to maintain your health and fitness level while meeting new friends and possibly your potential mate. Switch up your workouts to keep them fun and exciting. It also might give you something to look forward to after a long day at work.

Please remember that your health is self-care, so why you are single it important to stay healthy for you.