Who says that date night has to be the typical dinner and a movie? Many people spend eight hours or more sitting down at work at the office, only to come home and spend more time sitting around in front of the TV. Why not shake things up a bit? There are so many ways to be physically active on date night… and I’m mean active outside of the bedroom. So instead of catching the latest flick, or heading down to your favorite restaurant, try some of these activities instead!

Indoor Rock Wall Climbing

Rock wall climbing is an amazing exercise. Working so many different muscle groups, it improves your strength and overall tone of your body. Additionally, one hour of climbing can burn HUNDREDS of calories.rock climbing wall, rock climbing wall dates


Indoor rock wall climbing provides you with the equipment you’ll need, proper training and tips, as well as provide a much safer atmosphere than going at it alone outdoors. If you and your partner enjoy climbing so much, it could potentially turn into a long term hobby and regular work out regimen.


If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, then go for a swim! When my husband and I were living in Corpus Christi, TX, we would love to go boogie boarding at the beach. We would have such a blast. Our arms and legs would be sore from this full body workout.

But if you’re not anywhere near a beach, then go to a swimming pool. Swimming is such a great, full body exercise. Swimming burns calories, can provide you with leaner muscles, and tones your overall body. Swimming is especially great because being in the water doesn’t put stress on your joints.

Another added benefit is that you can see your significant other in a bathing suit. Who doesn’t want that?


Pack some water, a few protein snacks, and head out to the local state park and go on a hike. Hiking is not only a great low impact workout, but it also allows you to talk to your date. The two of you can get to know each other, laugh with each other, and just catch up, all the while working out.


Those a just a few, fun date ideas to spend some time with your loved one. What sort of workouts do you and your partner like to do? Leave a comment below! And Happy Valentines Day.

by Shawntay Files