11 Reasons Why Obesity is Growing

Obesity in America is growing at alarming rates. Obesity can not only cause health problems, but many times it is also associated with self confidence issues. Our children are also being faced with obesity and  diseases such as childhood type 2 diabetes. I believe obesity can be prevented in many cases by changing the way we view and think about food. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating has caused us to obtain life threatening diseases that should be prevented. If we can look at what is causing the problem we can learn ways to fix the problem.

11 Reasons Why Obesity is Rising

  1. Many of us don’t take the time to teach our children the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. We don’t take the time to implement my PPE, Plan, Prepare, and Execute. We don’t prep our food ahead of time and schedule in our workouts to make sure that we are creating a healthy lifestyle.
  3. We are constantly finding excuses for not performing cardio, building lean muscle, and eating a well balanced diet the majority of the time
  4. We associate fun with food, putting us in the mind set that we can’t have fun without unhealthy food being involved.
  5. We allow our kids to eat whenever and whatever.
  6. We don’t promote physical activity.
  7. We don’t teach our kids how to read a food label and the importance of eating for health.
  8. We allow our kids to sit on the couch, watch television, and play video games rather than involving them in sports and physical activities.
  9. We don’t lead by example
  10. We choose to feed our family processed, quick foods instead of wholesome fresh foods that can take a little extra time to prepare.
  11. We don’t start our kids eating healthy early on, introducing them to fresh vegetables and produce.

How to Prevent Obesity

  1. Just like your child learns his or her ABC’s, it’s time to start teaching them how to read a food label and the importance of a healthy well balanced diet.
  2. Prep your food for the week ahead of time to prevent bingeing and eating whatever is in front of you.
  3. Plan your cardio and building lean muscle days ahead of time and adhere to the schedule.
  4. Wake up and get it done before you have time to make an excuse of why you can’t do it.
  5. Create a balance in your child’s life. For example, if your child wants to watch television make them do at least 30 minutes of a physical activity that is fun for them and you as the parent get involved as well.
  6. Introduce new green vegetables and fruits into your child’s diet at a early age to get them used to eating a variety of things.
  7. Associate physical activity with family gatherings instead of unhealthy food.
  8. Put your children in physically active extracurricular activities. Statistics also state that children involved in sports have better grades, better social skills, and have a better outlook on life.
  9. Teach your child the importance of drinking water and introduce water at a early age. Make it fun for them by adding colored ice cubes or using a kid friendly straw.
  10. Focus on health, not weight. We want our children to understand the importance of eating for health and not cause eating disorders by focusing on weight.

These are just several ways to help prevent everything that goes along with childhood obesity as well as obesity in adults. If we can change the way our children think we can change our future.

Project P.R.O.T.E.I.N. (Physically Removing Obesity Through Education In Nutrition)

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