Hopefully you know by now that the word ‘essential’ when it comes to nutrition is anything your body needs for optimal functioning, but doesn’t produce it on its own. Omega 3’s are an essential fat that you must consume in order for your body to reap the benefits. Having a deficiency in this essential fat can have lots of negative side effects such as a reduction in growth rates, abnormalities in kidneys and liver, depression, drying of the skin, and a reduction in immunity. Individuals who consume the proper ratio of omega 3’s are documented to have a reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, joint pain and atherosclerosis. You know why you should take omega 3’s, but do you know how to place them in your diet so that you get them every day?

10 Ways To Get the Essential Fatty Acid Omega 3 from Food

  1. Ground flax seedsflax seeds, essential fats,
  2. Chia Seedschia seeds, omega 3's ,
  3. Mustard Oilmustard seed oil
  4. Sea Weedsea weed, omega 3 sources, vegan omega 3 sources
  5. Walnuts walnuts, omega 3 sources, nutritionist, tatiana scott fitness
  6. Peanut Butterpeanut butter, omega 3 sources,
  7. Berries berries, omega 3 sources, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  8. Honey Dew Melon honey dew melon, vegan omega 3 sources,
  9. Cabbagecabbage, omega 3 sources, essential fats,
  10. Leafy Greens

dark green leafy vegetables

Houston personal trainer, fit with curvesThese natural sources of omega 3’s can be added to oatmeal, smoothies, salads, and more to make sure that you are getting your daily value of omega 3’s. Always remember that it will always be better to get the fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals from your food versus a supplement.


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