I don’t go a day without my probiotics and hopefully this post will make you feel the same. Probiotics are healthy or good bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of micro flora or organisms in our intestines. It is said the average human contains over 400 types of bacteria that decreases the amount of harmful bacteria growing in our digestive tract. You have probably heard of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, found in yogurt and live cultures and are one of the largest group of probiotic bacteria.

How to put probiotics in your diet?

  1. non fat, no added sugar Greek yogurt or Bulgarian yogurt ( which I don’t love or recommend because of the dairy component which is linked to inflammation)
  2. probiotic dietary supplements (recommend getting them in a supplement form)

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go a Day without Probiotics

  1. Helps prevent infections that happen in your digestive tract.
  2. Helps control inflammation that could occur in your bowels such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  3. They are said to have positive effects on colon cancer.
  4. They can help prevent irritable bowel syndrome
  5. They can help fight and prevent skin infections.
  6. They can help prevent yeast infections.
  7. They can help prevent urinary tract infections
  8. They help replace the good bacteria in your digestive system that decrease when taking antibiotics.
  9. They can help prevent diarrhea, gas and cramping
  10. There is also a lot of evidence that obesity is linked to inflammation in the brain, By improving gut health, probiotics may reduce systemic inflammation and protect against obesity and other diseases

My Top  Probiotic Supplements:

Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotics, vitamin store or online
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Ultimat Flora, any  vitamin store or online

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Probiotic All- Flora By New Chapter- Whole foods, H.E.B. Central Market, www.swansonvitamins.com ($25.95)





Don’t touch my probiotics and hopefully once you add them to your diet you will feel the same. As with most supplements you want to consult your physician with any questions or concerns.

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