5 years ago you might not have heard the word “Vegan” as much as you do now. As you know vegans do not consume any animal products at all unlike vegetarians. Vegans don’t consume eggs, meat, dairy, fish, whey protein, honey or any product that you have to use a animal in anyway to create. You might be wondering why is this so bad and why are many people turning to Vegan diets.

10 Reasons Why Many People are Turning To Vegan diets:

  1. Animals that we are eating for their meat our being tortured and living in environments that you would never want your dog or cat living in. They are halfway killed having to walk around in pain until they die, they are bred to become huge which some of their bone structures can’t support and they are confined to tiny cages for the rest of their lives. check out http://www.meat.org/meatless monday
  2. Tons of individuals are going raw vegan because processed foods are generally loaded with tons of sugar, they lack the nutrients are body needs due to the way they are processed, they are filled with tons of articial ingredients including chemicals that are harmful to our bodies in large amounts.
  3. Vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, nuts, legumes, and beans are filled with tons of macro/micro nutrients and fiber that are body can break down easier than meats giving us energy as well as what our body needs to function healthy.
  4. Processed foods are generally high in trans fats and vegetable oils which can be very harmful to our body because they can cause diseases such as heart disease as well as increase are bad cholesterol levels leading to additional problems.
  5. Phytochemicals, plant based foods are generally high in phytochemicals which help to protect, prevent and heal the body from cancer, filled with antioxidants, and protective enzymes.
  6. Eating a healthy vegan diet has been shown to prevent several diseases such as arthritis, cataracts, breast cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and so many more.
  7. Several population studies show that a diet without meat leads to a healthier BMI or healthier weight per height.
  8. A smart whole food based vegan diet can lead to weight loss because your are removing tons of unhealthy options from your plate.
  9. Energy, eating tons of fruits and vegetables like a healthy vegan should will supply your body with tons of energy providing nutrients preventing a sluggish feeling.
  10. Growing plants takes much less resources than growing animals which can help reduce the toil that our environment is taking.

vegan diets, houston personal trainerPlease remember that if you do decide to try vegan to try it the healthy way which is consuming tons of fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, healthy fats, nuts, etc. Please stay away from processed foods that are generally filled with sugar and junk that lacks nutrients/empty calories. Please consult with a registered dietition to find out how to go vegan the right way for your body.

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